Airzone gets European Ecolink award

ECOLINK+ is the coordination action for the European Eco-Innovation Platform (Eco-IP) aimed at strengthening Europe’s eco-innovation community.

At the 4th ECOLINK+ trans-regional event, held in Malaga on the 14th of October 2011, 10 eco-innovative SMEs were selected to become part of the ECOLINK+ 100 Business Club.

In Malaga the ECOLINK+ project, in collaboration with BIC Euronova and BIC Porto, organised the fourth trans-regional event to recruit members to join the ECOLINK+ 100 Business Club (BC).

Selected companies coming from Spain and Portugal presented their eco-innovative solutions. Their video presentations will be rendered soon available in the ECOLINK+ media gallery and the 100 BC website.

Three best presenting companies have been awarded:

BIOAZUL, which developed an eco-innovative, sustainable solution for waste-water treatment; NeuronBio, offering a solution using micro-organisms to enable the transformation of industrial waste into bio-diesel; AIRZONE, which designed integrated solutions to adapt temperatures to real needs and showing cumulative consumptions within buildings.

A special mention was given to the video presentation of Responsible Hotels with their efforts to reduce environmental impact to the minimum.

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